Project Specification
We will work closely with the customer to produce a working specification. Alternatively we will work to a customer written specification.

Electronic Circuit Design
Starting from the customer specification we will undertake general analogue and digital circuit design.

Instrument design
We have extensive experience in the specification and design of microprocessor based scientific instrumentation.

Microcontroller Applications
We specialise in designs based on microcontrollers. Preferred devices are 8051 family and Microchip PIC12cxx PIC16Fxx and PIC18Fxx series devices.

PCB design and layout
We offer a complete PCB layout service.

Prototype PCB manufacture
We have facilities to produce one-off prototype PCBs. Larger quantities can be procured at competitive prices.

Embedded real-time software
We have more than 35 years experience in writing embedded software for microcontroller based projects. Our preferred programming language is 'C', but where appropriate we use assembler. For 8051 family devices we use the Keil C51 compiler and for PIC devices we use the CC5X and CC8E compilers from B Knudsen Data.
We believe that in-circuit emulators are essential for all the most trivial of applications and we are well equipped with a Nohau emulator for the 8051 family devices and a range of emulators from RF Solutions and Microchip for the PIC devices.